REvil, a notoriously tough ransomware, recently had a master decryptor released. What this means is that victims of the ransomware will now be able to unencrypt their files without being forced to pay! However, there is a caveat: the key only works for victims who were encrypted before July 13th (which is when the REvil team disappeared, likely due to investigations by law enforcement, leaving many people locked up with no way to pay even if they wanted to). REvil took a very long break after July, and they’ve only begun to attack people again this month – the new software they’re using post-break isn’t compatible with the key. Still, most victims were before July 13th, so this is still a massive breakthrough!

Cybersecurity company BitDefender worked with an unspecified branch of law enforcement to get the key, which – when combined with BitDefender’s software – painlessly unencrypts the devices of victims.

The best part is that it’s free!

Here’s the website to download the free key:

Safe online travels!