Posted on June 25, 2024 in Technology

What is an MSP?

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, can supplement an existing IT department, or take the place of one if a business doesn’t have the resources to get one. The range of functions that an MSP can do for you is very large! MSPs can vend software, and be almost totally hands off, or step in and manage your IT day-to-day. There’s almost always a plan for your needs.

What do you need out of an MSP?


If you don’t know how to navigate the world of business computers, which printer would best suit your office, or which router to buy, we can help – we can source the equipment and order it for you for purchase based off of your requirements. Accessories too! Phones, RAM, docks, monitors – if your computer needs it, we can order it for you. If you need to upgrade a Windows license to Business grade, or retire an older device for a new one, we can smooth the path. If you’re worried about maintaining backups of your devices or keeping virtual servers, we can handle that, too. We even manage the warranties on new devices, so if something goes wrong within the warranty period, we can contact the supplier for you and get the next steps started.


Worried about bricking up your work machines with a faulty program, or leaving security backdoors open on your machines? We can manage that for you! With update policies and download restrictions, we can keep business machines fully updated and safe from unapproved programs. Antivirus, anti-phishing tech and training, password managers, and more form a digital shield to protect you from Ransomware events, and training helps to prevent social engineering attacks from getting through when brute force attacks won’t.

That’s not all! We can also set up VPNs for your employees if they work from home, and location-lock accounts so that hackers from other countries cannot get in. Need help setting up 2FA? Want someone else to handle Microsoft/Apple account setup for new employees so you can focus on training? We can do that for you.


We can manage your routers and WiFi points. We can monitor for outages, and if one is detected, call your internet provider for you! We can also provide network backup with cellular data, where you’ll switch over near-seamlessly if your main internet provider goes down.

Your network connects your POS and ATMs to the rest of the world – we can manage the network. You want to switch to an easier phone system, we can transition you to a VOIP service like Teams. So much of business today relies on functional IT equipment, and streamlining your business processes can be a daunting task alone! When you need experts on your side to streamline your processes, an MSP like us is a valuable tool.