Posted on December 4, 2020 in Remote Working

Identifying the tools you need for Remote Working

As we previously mentioned, the pandemic has forced a change in work practices. Some businesses have been had to close their doors, others have reduced working hours and staff teams, but most have converted to a remote work setting at an impressive speed


This pace meant that most did not have time to research the tools that would be best for the way they run their business. It can be difficult to search for them – there are thousands of companies claiming to offer ‘the best service’ – making it all too easy to be wooed by a company that doesn’t quite fit your individual needs or offer the correct tools for you.


There are many parts of your business you will need a tool for – appointment taking, for example, or a time management application. Arguably most important is a tool to allow communication between not only yourself and your staff force but for your employees to converse with each other too.


Communication tools – their importance to a good remote working infrastructure

Without a workforce that communicates fluently and effectively with one another there is no way a business can survive; whether it be a small local firm or an international corporation the same rule applies.


Flexibility when remote working is one of the main positives for employees. Finding a tool that is easy to access and supports mobile device platforms is essential.


Communicate with your employees by setting up a channel to inform them of any business changes, get feedback from them to improve the IT, and simply check-in and see how they are doing.


Tools that encourage communication between different sectors of your business are beneficial to a workflow. In some cases, employees converse more with other departments when working remotely than when in-office. Project management tools are also a major asset and can help you manage your team, and work structure, much more easily.


Through the tools you choose to build your remote work infrastructure around you should appoint a trusted leader in charge of employee queries and welfare – they should make it their mission to keep staff happy and feeling productive in the remote work setting.


Identify a trusted team leader

Remote working poses different problems than the ‘normal’ work setting – because of this, it is important to ensure that your staff are supported to perhaps an even greater extent than before. Technical aspects of home working can cause stress and have consequences regarding employee welfare; this makes it imperative that your workforce has a point of contact to voice concerns, queries, or sometimes even just have a conversation.


It is the technical elements involved in remote working that are the real difference between success and failure. It’s all well and good having a trusted team leader and the best of intentions, but if this aim isn’t mirrored in your choice of the digital solution you provide then you will find that staff consider Shadow IT a more attractive solution. (See the previous blog in series for details on Shadow IT).


The best digital solutions

There are different digital options on the market claiming to solve the problems of communication, collaboration and productivity – all, I am sure you will agree, are integral to a business being successful. Microsoft 365 offers all three in abundance.


Microsoft 365 is one of the most well-known digital solutions on the market, with its range of well-known and widely used applications tailored around these essential functions, all within a secure environment. 365 offers a feature called ‘Teams’, with 115 million daily active users, Teams is at the peak of its powers and is the fastest growing business app of all time. Let us see some features of Teams that earned it this illustrious title.


Features that make Teams the go-to digital solution for remote working

  • Real-time alerts and communication capabilities
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365
  • Ability to implement granular access control
  • Automation capabilities
  • Version control features
  • Ease of use
  • Project management, scheduling, and extensive event management features
  • Shared access to resources
  • Secured authentication support
  • Co-authoring capabilities


These are just some of the features it can offer. Teams has all the tools essential to assist you in ensuring your remote team is as equipped as possible to enable them to work effectively. Teams will alleviate any worries you may have about remote working.


Cannot find the correct tools for your remote working? We’re here to help!

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